Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day - not everyone gets mushy and excited about this particular holiday. If you have no significant other from which to receive red hearts and chocolates, it can feel downright depressing. Allow me to offer an alternative way of looking at this holiday.
We all have access to the ultimate Valentine. This Valentine was lovingly written in red and showed more love than any person past, present or future could hope to show. I'm talking about Jesus.
All through the history recorded in the Bible, God attempted to show people His love. He wished to have a relationship with His people. He created a beautiful world, but Adam and Eve sinned. He parted a sea and allowed His people to cross on dry land, but still His people complained. He sent prophet after prophet, but still His people just couldn't grasp His love for them. The only way He could prove His love was to come in person. Jesus came to earth showing God's love. He healed and taught and was moved with compassion. Then, Jesus proved once and for all God's love for all people. He was crucified on a cross where He wrote His love in red with His own precious blood. "What greater love ... than a man lay down his life for a friend?"
Jesus is the ultimate Valentine. No one else can love like He can. Those red heart cards will fade. The chocolates will all be gone. But, Jesus is a forever friend whose love will never fade, and who will never leave you. Now, that's a Valentine worth getting excited about!

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