Monday, February 6, 2012

Heroine - what does that mean? The dictionary defines it as a woman admired for her achievements and qualities. Going by that definition, I know who qualifies for my heroine. My mother.
She worked outside the home with most of her time devoted to Lifeway Christian Stores. Through her work she taught me what loyalty meant. She put in many extra hours for which she was never compensated, but she never complained.
She faithfully made sure my brother and I were in church. Even now, she still attends the same church and teaches a women's Sunday school class from which the ladies say they graduate straight into Heaven.
She proved her faith through battles with cancer and platelet destroying antibodies. Her motto was the same as Paul - To live is Christ, to die is gain.
After retiring she has filled her time with volunteer organizations and her church. I joke that if I want time with her, I need to make sure she pencils me in on her calendar.
She once joked that she'd had so many surgeries that her body looked like a map. In my mind I thought - she's always been a map for me guiding me by her godly example.
I often find myself praying that God will instill in me the qualities that my mother has always shown. I want others to see me as loyal, diligent, devoted, and faithful, not for my glory but all for the sake of Christ. I want to live in such a way that my daughter would think of me as her heroine.
Do you have a hero or heroine? Are you aware that others look to you for an example? What kind of example are you setting? What kind of hero/heroine are you?

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