Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taters. For those not familiar with Southern talk that means potatoes - taters for short. Did you know our churches these days are filled with various taters? 
Here are some common-taters we might find:
Dick Tater - runs everything
Agi Tater - stirs up trouble
Hesi Tater - never does much
Vegi Tater - never does anything
Imi Tater - does it like we always did
Spec Tater - takes but contributes nothing
Debili Tater - discourages excited people
Couch Tater - watches church on TV and that's enough
Whipped Tater - Worked all week and needs sleep on Sunday
Ooo! These smell like rotten taters.
Though harder to locate, these taters are preferred:
New tater - new Christian
Facili Tater - helpful
Felici Tater - friendly
Cogni Tater - thinks through
Sweet Tater - kind
Levi Tater - filled with the Spirit
Medi Tater - prays things through
Implement Tater - puts ideas into action
Orient Tater - helps others find their way
Resussit Tater - brings people back
Rehabili Tater rounds up the lapsed
What kind of tater are you?

1 comment:

Brooksie said...

Awesome! How clever are you!!
And, you are sooo right. My favorite taters are baked ones that I cover with butter and salt. We all need a little seasoning huh?