Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God bestows so many blessings on me each day. While pondering that, I realized I need to be more conscious of thanking Him for those things I take for granted.
*Thank you, God, for a Christian husband who works hard to support our family.
*Thank you, God, for a daughter who is using her spiritual gifts even as a teenager. Thank you that she has You as her priority when so many other things could be in that spot.
*Thank you, God, for a church family who worships together and strives to fulfull Your mission in our community.
*Thank you, God, for parents who set me on the right road to a faith walk with Christ.
*Thank you, God, for working out Your plan in my life one step at a time.
Have you thanked God today for those things you might have begun to take for granted? The more I thank Him, the more I find to thank Him for.

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