Thursday, February 23, 2012

Personal Bible study and prayer time is essential to the Christian life. I have shared before that I try to make God and my time with Him a priority by trying to do my quiet time with Him first thing in the morning. I have utilized various resources for this time. There is one I recently discovered that I must share. If you have not yet picked up JESUS CALLING by Sarah Young, you should. It is available in book form or in cds. I decided to try out the cds, and I love it.
Sarah is a missionary who had written for many years in a prayer journal, but one day decided to "listen" to what God would have to say to her. JESUS CALLING is a short daily devotional thought written from Jesus' point of view. Sarah's prayer is that the Savior would bless the readers and hearers with His presence and His peace in an even deeper way.
I have added this to my morning routine. As I prepare breakfast, I listen to that day's devotion. I often find myself rewinding a few times to let the wisdom sink in. Though short, each day has been filled with truth and encouragement to live in Jesus' presence and trust Him for everything. Should you want to locate scripture to support the truths presented, some verse addresses are given at the end of each devotion.

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