Sunday, March 29, 2015

Praying for the Prodigal

I'm thrilled to host Andrea Merrell on my blog today. Her newly released book discusses a topic which many need. Please read about how she came to write this book and about her personal experience with prodigals. 


By Andrea Merrell

It seems everywhere I go someone is dealing with a prodigal. As the mother of two former prodigals, my heart breaks anew as their story unfolds. Depending upon the circumstances, the pain can be almost unbearable at times. Watching your child march boldly into a life of destruction is heart-wrenching. It can bring an extra burden of guilt and condemnation, especially for the Christian parent who feels they’ve done all the right things.

The staggering truth is: even good kids rebel—and even good parents can end up with a prodigal. My husband and I found this out the hard way, and we were devastated. We didn’t know what to do or who we could turn to for help, so we fought this battle alone for five long years. During this time, we shed many tears, experienced sleepless nights, and lived in fear for the lives—and souls—of our children.

The two questions I’m asked most often are:
·        Is there hope?
·        What do I do in the meantime?

The first thing I want people to know is that there is always hope. God’s Word is full of promises, and He is waiting for us to take hold of those promises and believe He will do what He says He will do. The Bible says God is not a respecter of persons. In other words, He doesn’t play favorites. He doesn’t esteem one of His children higher than the other. He loves each one of us with an extraordinary unconditional love. God is faithful and there is always hope when we put our trust in Him and pray in faith according to His will.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a plan for each of His children. He desires to prosper us and give us a glorious future full of hope. The problem is that God’s timetable is different from ours and camping out in God’s “waiting room” can be tough.

If you are currently dealing with a prodigal, what can you do while you wait? In Praying for the Prodigal, I not only share my story, but what I learned during my journey including: setting boundaries, avoiding the blame game, and learning to pray the Word of God over my children daily. You will be encouraged by advice straight from the prodigals, and your faith will be strengthened by thirty days of prayers and Scriptures, equipping you for the battle ahead.

No matter where you are in your own journey, the key is to hold fast to God’s promises, and never, never give up on your children—no matter how hopeless the situation may seem.


Eighty-eight percent of children raised in an evangelical Christian home will leave the church by the age of eighteen. Most will turn away from authority, parental values, and biblical teaching, losing their potential, their health, and their destiny—sometimes even their life. As a parent, guardian, or loved one, what can you do to prevent this from happening? If it does happen, how do you fight the battle? Is there hope?

In Praying for the Prodigal, Andrea Merrell shares her journey with not one but two prodigals, and how God protected them, restored them, and brought them back from the very flames of death and hell. She gives you practical survival tips to help you keep your sanity in the midst of the crisis, such as establishing boundaries, avoiding the blame game, and learning how to pray the Word of God over your children daily. You will be encouraged by advice straight from the prodigals, and your faith will be strengthened by thirty days of prayers and Scriptures. This book will equip you for the battle ahead and help you hold fast to God’s promises, reminding you to never, never give up on your children—no matter how hopeless the situation may seem.

Here's more information about Andrea and where you can connect with her and buy her book: 

 Andrea Merrell is Associate Editor for Christian Devotions Ministries and Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. She is also a freelance editor and has led workshops at various writers’ conferences. Andrea is the author of Murder of a Manuscript, The Gift, and Praying for the Prodigal. To learn more, visit or  

Amazon link for Murder of a Manuscript –
Amazon link for Praying for the Prodigal –
Amazon like for The Gift –

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Book from Deborah Picurrelli

 I wrote Love Comes Calling years ago, before I discovered what my brand of writing would be. A well-known publisher had advertised that they would be accepting submissions for novellas to be combined into four differently themed anthologies. The one called “A Well-kept Secret” intrigued me, so that’s what I chose.
Once I decided on the theme, I needed to come up with a story to fit. I thought about what that secret could be. It would have to be something shocking, for one thing. Even if only to the characters in the book. That secret would have to arise from a situation. But what?
For every story I write, I try to think in extremes. Not necessarily in personality, though that can be a factor, but in other things, too. Background, circumstances, a connection, a physical condition, etc. For Love Comes Calling, both a connection and a physical condition come into play.
With those elements in place, I could let my imagination run wild. And then I wrote to my heart’s content.
A day after I submitted the manuscript, I received an e-mail stating the publisher had decided not to release that particular anthology. Shortly after, they ceased from publishing all anthologies.
Fortunately for me, the months of work spent on this novella were not a waste. Last year, I submitted the manuscript to a contest held by Prism Book Group, and here I am to tell about it. I am happy to say I have a wonderful, trusted publisher handling my beloved story.
Love Comes Calling contains elements of both redemption and forgiveness. (And we can’t forget romance!)  Drastic life changes occur in the hero, Derek Spencer, when he gives his life to the Lord Jesus. This creates a desire to correct the wrongs he’d done in his “wild days.” Forgiveness is displayed in many different ways by many different characters who were affected by what Derek had done. Most importantly, Charlotte Parkes.

Hopefully, Love Comes Calling will emphasize to readers the need to keep ourselves accountable for hurts we inflict on others. On the flipside, those who were hurt can gain freedom from the spirit of bitterness by forgiving the ones who have hurt them. Also important to note is, the one who inflicted the pain in the first place must ultimately forgive himself. 


The day new Christian, Derek Spencer, shows up on Charlie Parkes’s doorstep to make up for what he’d done, is the very day he falls in love with her. But Charlie’s sister mistakes him for a home improvement contractor, and he decides to play along until he finds a way to tell her who he really is.

Charlie is attracted to Derek, but knows the attention he pays her is only flattery. How could such a great-looking guy fall for someone with a face like hers? Nevertheless, the two form a relationship that brings a joy to Charlie that’s way beyond her wildest dreams.

But what will happen when Derek’s true identity is revealed?

After years of reading books and watching movies with an element of romance, Deborah M. Piccurelli’s desire to write romance novels came naturally. She is active in her church and is an advocate for sanctity of life. Deborah is the author of two novels, a novella and several cause-related newspaper articles. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and the New Jersey Society of Christian Writers. As one of the winners in a contest by The Christian Authors Show, details of Deborah’s writing journey can be found in the 2013-2014 edition of the book, 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading. Deborah lives in New Jersey with her husband and their two sons.  

Love Comes Calling is a beautiful story you don't want to miss!

Find it on Amazon or from the publisher at

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing as a Writer

Please check out this post I wrote for Sandra Robbins' blog. Thanks to Sandra for hosting me.

Guest Post on Sandra's Blog click here

Here's an offer from my publisher for my book, Legacy and Love.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Win the book!

Ruthy contacted me and offered a signed copy of her book, His Montana Sweetheart.

For a chance at this great cowboy romance, please comment on this post. If you need more information about this book, see the post before this one.  If you don't live in the U.S. Ruthy will send you an e-copy.

I'll do a drawing and announce the winner next Wednesday. What are you waiting for? Get to commentin'!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Confession: I love a good cowboy romance!

Yep, you read it right. I do love a good romance between a cowboy and his sweetheart. If you enjoy a good clean romance with a cowboy, you're sure to love Ruth Logan Herne's book, His Montana Sweetheart. Her characters will lasso you from the start. I found Herne's style and voice delightful to read. There is a strong theme of God's allowance of second chances.

Catching His Heart 
Olivia Franklin suspected coming home to Jasper Gulch would mean eventually running into her first love, Jack McGuire. But she's adamant that she not repeat the mistakes that led to her broken heart. Yet from the moment she lays eyes on her former sweetheart, her resistance begins to crumble. The tall, handsome rancher made his choice all those years ago. He'd gone from the baseball diamond to a high-rise office and finally back home to the Double M—all without her. And no amount of centennial nostalgia can change the past. But the future is another story, and the pretty historian is about to get a lesson in romance from the lonesome cowboy she will never forget! 

Bestselling, multi-published author Ruthy Logan Herne loves what she’s doing. As the author of over twenty 4 and 4 ½ Star novels, Ruthy’s hearth-and-home style draws the reader in, holds them, and leaves them wishing for more at story’s end. Featured in Woman’s World magazine, a contributor to Southern Writer and a founding partner in “Seekerville” the still-growing blog averaging over 33,000 page-loads per month, Ruthy’s built a launch pad for her books that extends in multiple directions. She’s released three successful independent novels, enjoys speaking to large and small audiences. She’s developed a fun, down-home presence on Facebook and enjoys country settings, sweet children and the American lure of pets and animals in her stories. She’s an all-American mother and now a grandmother, loves God, her family and her country but might nudge some of those aside for good chocolate.   

Thanks, Ruthy, for the opportunity to read and review your book. I'll be looking for more of your titles to add to my to-be-read list. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Great Offer

One of my publishers, Pelican Book Group, is offering something truly exciting through April 2nd. 

Please read the details below and especially why Pelican is doing this then click on the link at the end to browse for yourself.

Yes, it's true. Our entire current e-book catalogue is free from Ash Wednesday, 18 February though Holy Thursday, 2 April. No strings attached. Paperbacks, subscriptions and gift certificates are not included, but every current individual e-book is free for the entire forty days of Lent. We've heard the skepticsm, the surprise, and the questions, so here are a few answers.

What's the catch? Really, there is none. The books are free. Happy reading.

Why are you doing this? It is the approaching Easter celebration that reminds us of Christ's generosity and love in giving His life for the salvation of souls. We want to share that message with as many readers as possible, regardless of the reader's ability to pay.

Who's paying for it? Pelican Book Group is offering this giveaway as a gift, but we'll be perfectly honest. We're a small company, and there are considerable expenses in this endeavor. But, we believe that everything will work out exactly as God has planned, as long as we act in faith, and trust. So we're trusting! As you browse the site during this giveaway, you'll see a "Donate Now" button. If you would like to partner with us in bringing the message of Christ FREE to those who may otherwise not be able to read a faith-filled novel, please click that "Donate Now" button and help us out with a buck or two or ten...whatever you can afford and feel called to contribute. It isn't mandatory! All the books are really free, no strings attached. But your generosity will be appreciated.
2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Consider this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work. As it is written: “He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.”

The one who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed and increase the harvest of your righteousness.

You are being enriched in every way for all generosity, which through us produces thanksgiving to God, for the administration of this public service is not only supplying the needs of the holy ones but is also overflowing in many acts of thanksgiving to God. Through the evidence of this service, you are glorifying God for your obedient confession of the gospel of Christ and the generosity of your contribution to them and to all others, while in prayer on your behalf they long for you, because of the surpassing grace of God upon you. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!
If you would like to donate, you will find that button on the Pelican Book Group site.