Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today is soapbox day. I can't seem to get this topic out of my mind, so I'll put it out there and be done.
I worry for our children. These are hard days with false and evil beliefs coming at them from all sides. But, are we parents contributing to our offspring running away from God?
We will drag ourselves off to work dragging an appendage behind us and causing the thermometer to spew red. However, when Sunday arrives - time to show worth to God - we will stay home because we have a slight sniffle or we've just had a long week. What is this teaching our children? One lesson they learn from our actions is that we say God is a priority, but we really don't mean it. I believe that's why we have a generation of parents right now who don't have any committment to the things of God. When they don't attend church, they pronounce that God will understand. He knows my heart. Oh, be careful! God does know our hearts.
My daughter has teenage friends who have yet to come to Christ. Their reasoning is they see their parents and other Christians being so hypocritical in their walk that they don't see the need to be saved. They don't see the difference it makes. If my daughter stumbles, I don't want her to be tripping over me.
As Christians we must make up our minds to live as Christ followers not just occasionally do things like a Christian. Being a Christian is more than doing; it's a lifestyle. Do I always live up to this? No. I do strive to show my daughter the habits of a Christian which leads to God being the top priority. This includes studying my Bible and attending church worship.
Today, I'm saying a specific prayer that Christian parents will be strengthened in their Christian walk. I'm also praying that God will protect our children from satan's lies and use us to lead them to Him. Join me?

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Eileen Rife said...

Good reminder, Paula! Praying for you right now as you guide your precious children.

We homeschooled for twenty years. I told my girls when the last one graduated I should receive a golden apple.

When Christmas rolled around the year after our last daughter's graduation, much to my surprise I opened a gift from all three children. A lovely crystal apple with a brass leaf. I'd completely forgotten about my random wish, but my sweet daughters hadn't.

That was almost eight years ago, and I still have that apple sitting on my computer desk as a reminder to keep praying for my daughters and their families.


What part of Tennessee do you hail from, Paula? I grew up in Mountain City. My parents were home missionaries with Children's Bible Mission (CBM).