Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Did you notice my ACFW badge? This represents attaining a preset goal of words written for January. I appreciate all of the other participants who encouraged one another throughout the month. Having a goal and people urging me on helped me to make time to write.
Making time to write is a problem for some people. I have been involved in two discussions focusing upon this topic just this week. One was a desperate cry for help in carving out time or setting a schedule or routine so writing got accomplished. The other was a similar quest by my colleagues at our first local writer's meeting. I want to share what advice I gave.
Because I write Christian material exclusively, the first priority is to read my Bible and have my quiet time. Some might be confused realizing this activity doesn't involve writing, and you'd be right. But, if I don't make God number one, the writing won't come together anyway.
Being a homeschool mom and the one who does the household keep-up, my schedule varies day-to-day. If there are tests to give or an overabundance of laundry to wash, I may never write a word. Then, other days, I might have pockets of time that crank out thousands of words. The key is to take advantage of the time I do have. This includes scribbling words when preparing lunch. It also includes keeping a stash of paper in all of the areas in the house that I find myself (yes, the bathroom). I have often written utilizing the paper by my bed because my mind has finally had time to focus and a flood comes.
Being obsessive about organization, I have set a daily routine which is flexible yet a guide for staying on track and productive.
Quiet time/Bible study/Prayer
Check email for info from editor and ACFW news
Check the two chosen blogs I follow
Post to my blog
The time I can allot to each of the above activities varies, but I strive to do these things each day.
Be encouraged. If you want to write, you can carve it out. If anyone has ideas for creating writing time, please share in the comments. Happy writing - wherever it may be!

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Susan said...

Congrats on your badge! I can't wait to earn one:) And time is a big one for me right now, I've been working on my own schedule. I completely agree that time with God is a must or everything else falls apart.