Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do you ever read something that just knocks you back in your chair?
While reading in my prayer book by Dave Earley, I ran across the following quote:
"Prayer is not a lovely sedan for a sightseeing trip around the city. Prayer is a truck that goes straight to the warehouse, backs up, loads, and comes home with the goods. Too many people rattle their trucks all over town and never back up to the warehouse! They do not go after something when they pray. They do not ask, therefore, they do not receive."
God has told us to be bold in prayer and ask. I'm afraid when I have been timid, it might be a sign of my lack of trust that God will listen or answer. Oh, how I want to come boldly to the throne of grace asking Him for the blessing He is just waiting to bestow. How I want to be led so closely by Him that I know what I ask for in prayer is His will.
Another quote from the same book encourages me.
"I would rather go to my grave being guilty of asking for more than I received than for missing answers because I did not ask."
I have to get it in my head that God wants to bless me. I have to learn to go to the "warehouse" of blessings. I have to pray expecting Him to answer.
Lord, teach us to pray!

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Sylvia A. Nash said...

So true, Paula. Sometimes the hardest things to do should be the easiest! How easy to come to God in prayer like a child comes to a parent. How hard to remember that when we become adults! Thanks for the reminder.