Monday, February 27, 2012

Have you ever experienced a "God moment?" I did this weekend.
I've been working on writing a novella set in the 1900's. Since I had some interesting ancestral stories at around that time, I was using my paternal grandparents as the two main characters. I had a basic outline in my head of how the story would go but was trying to get into the character's heads a little more. I remembered I had my grandmother's Bible. I began to flip through noticing what verses she had circled. For the story I wanted the characters to realize that their only peace could be through forgiveness. My eyes bulged when I spotted three verses circled in three of the Gospels. The verses referred to forgiving and God will forgive you - if you don't forgive, God won't forgive you. It was like God said: "Yes, I want this story to exhibit forgiveness and here's how."
I kept flipping through noticing other verses she had circled. When I arrived at First John, I teared up. This was the only place she had underlined. The words write and know were often underlined. This might seem insignificant except if you refer to an earlier post when I explained briefly about why I write. God led me over a year ago to this very place in His Word to show me His philosophy for my writing.
Sometimes God does not make His plans very evident, but sometimes He is blatant. I will complete this story of forgiveness, and pray for the one that God intends it to touch.


Susan said...

LOVE! These moments give me chills, when God so loudly speaks to us. Amazing!

Lisa Lickel said...

Wow, this is so touching! It's good to explore your roots. I'm very excited about your story and look forward eagerly to read it.