Monday, June 30, 2014


We're taking a little break from our study of Worth to accept an invitation from Delia Latham to be included in the World Blog Tour. You can find Delia at Hearts Haven Books Blog. Delia is a fellow author at Pelican Book Group and a sweet sister in Christ I've had the pleasure of getting know.

Naturally, if you are new here, you can read my entire bio to the right below. But just a short description of me: I write Christian fiction with four books published, and I am an acquisitions editor for Prism Book Group. Recently, I've been involved in several collaborative devotional projects, which I have fully enjoyed and will be sharing with you soon.

Now, on to the questions I am to answer.

1. What am I working on?
Currently, I am finishing the writing of another Christian romance I am tentatively calling Lamp Unto Her Feet. As soon as that manuscript is complete, I will begin writing a Christian romantic suspense which has already been fully outlined. I'm also waiting to hear about two nonfiction projects that I submitted.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?  
For one, God has given me very specific messages that I am passionate about to show through my work. The theme of leaving a Godly legacy seems to always shine through as well as realizing that God has a specific plan for each person's life. I've always been told that my writing contains deep emotions that have the potential to touch the reader deeply.

3. Why do I write what I do?
Not everyone has felt called to write but I do. Through much prayer, I have realized that God has called me to write Christian literature to promote Christ as Savior and Lord and to encourage and challenge Christians to live for Christ. In our world today, Jesus and Christianity is squelched at every turn. I feel the need to urge fellow Christians to stand up and assure that their loved ones know the message of the gospel and the importance of a God-centered legacy.

4. How does my writing process work?
Many of my readers have discovered how old school I really am. I actually still write out my first drafts in a spiral notebook with a pencil. Those drafts usually come from an idea that I have doodled a few notes or a sketchy outline for. I then have a wonderful woman who takes pity on my dislike of typing by transferring those penciled words into a computer document. I print out that document and place it into a three-ring notebook where I proceed to revise and edit. I then sit down at the computer with my notebook and transfer all of the changes until I'm satisfied.

Thank you, Delia, for inviting me to share in this World Blog Tour.

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Monday, June 23, 2014


We are still on the O in Worth which stands for obey. There is an area we as Christians are supposed to obey and that is in the area of being kind.

The word kind means a sympathetic, forbearing, or pleasant nature. Its synonyms include benevolent, compassionate, good-hearted, humane, sympathetic, tender, and considerate.

How many times do we see Jesus displaying compassion? Our calling as Christians is to be like Christ. Do you realize that Jesus didn't just look on people with sympathy? Check out the gospels. Notice his interactions with lepers, blind beggars, and dying children.

Jesus didn't just speak some encouraging words and wish people the best. He got involved. He touched. He healed. He resurrected.

What does this example mean for us? We are to understand that being kind or compassionate means being sympathetic with work clothes on. Just wishing someone the best in their crisis isn't being Christ to them. We have to help. We have to get involved.

The reason we have to be reminded to be kind and compassionate is because this is a dirty business. Let's face it, sometimes it's just easier not to get involved. We can throw some money and maybe a prayer at people's needs and feel we've helped.

Join me in praying that God would help us show kindness as Christ would. Ask Him for opportunities to demonstrate compassion. Ask Him to point out people who need a kind word or action today. You never know when you will be in need of a dose of compassion from another brother or sister in Christ.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Busy At Home

Still traveling through this idea of becoming a woman of worth in God's eyes. We find ourselves still on the O in worth which stands for obey.

Our next area in which to obey is in being busy at home. Some women roll their eyes at such an old-fashioned thought. They argue that they have a career and demands. I believe it is because we might have a wrong view of this area of obedience.

When we tell someone to be busy at home, we think that means the domestic tasks such as laundry, dishes, and general house cleaning. I believe there is more implied in this statement from Titus Two than just doing our chores around the house.

Again, I think this idea goes along with an earlier command which was to love our husbands and children. As Christians, we must make our family a priority. The only other thing that takes precedence over our family is God.

We must take on a different perspective. We often see taking care of our spouse and children as responsibilities. Yes, we have a responsibility to care and love them, but we must see them as God sees them. He has blessed you with your spouse and your children. They are gifts to be cherished.

When we think about our families in this light, we will strive to make our homes safe havens, sanctuaries.

Let's face it, our homes are often battle scenes or maybe even the opposite, a silent zone. We are in conflict with each other and don't take time for one another so the home isn't a place we want to be. It becomes a place we stop in to sleep and maybe eat. Or, we are so caught up in ourselves that it is a silent place where no affirmations are heard.

We need to pray for God to lead us in establishing a home not just a house. We must pray for God to put boundaries around our homes against Satan. The enemy would like nothing better than to tear this God-ordained institution apart. We must constantly share our hearts and lives with each other. We should try to eat our meals together and spend quality time together.

Yes, our lives are busy, but we should never be too busy for our family. Take time to pray for each member and share with them that you pray for them. Pray for them in front of them. Talk about what you are studying in the Bible or about a sermon you have heard. Discuss hopes and dreams.

Be busy at home.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obey by Remaining Pure

In our pursuit of being a person of worth, we still find ourselves in the O of worth which stands for obey. Taking our instruction from Titus Two, the next area to be obedient is in being pure.

The word pure means unmixed with any other matter or free from taint. It means to be free from moral fault or innocent, marked by chastity. Chaste means innocent of unlawful sexual intercourse or sexual purity.

In First Thessalonians 4:7 it says that God didn't call us to be impure but to live a holy life.

If a Christian is married, he or she should be completely devoted to his or her spouse. This purity means not to look too long at another man or woman. It means not to get involved with another man or woman.

Those single Christians must remain pure by saving oneself for your future spouse.

The world finds Christians extremely old-fashioned in regards to purity. But, God's Word does not condone sex outside of the married relationship. And, Christ even stated that lusting after another person who is not your spouse is committing adultery in your heart.

To single Christians this means that God expects you not to be involved physically with anyone before you are married.

This area of being pure must also involve modesty. Recently, Beth Moore expressed this idea while teaching her Bible study on Esther. She explained how inappropriate it is for women to dress seductively and then strut around other women's husbands. Beth plainly said, "Keep your breasts to yourself!"

I have to agree. The type of man that will be attracted by such a display will not treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

As the verse above states, we are to live holy lives. Holiness involves being separate from the world and its standards. Being separate means we must be pure and chaste.

Strive for purity by treasuring your spouse as the wonderful gift he or she is from God.

Strive for purity by praying for the person God would have for you to marry.

Precious metals' worth is measured by their purity, so let our purity be shown to be worth much. Not according to the world's economy but in God's. That is where a Christian should want to derive his or her worth.