Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today as I waited for my daughter to complete her physical therapy, right outside the window we witnessed a two-car accident. Both cars were pretty smashed, and there were pieces of the wreckage laying all over the road. Thankfully, everyone emerged from the cars unharmed.
I shivered to think had we left just moments before, we would have been right in the middle of the accident. I thanked God for keeping us safe. Then, I began to wonder how many times God has kept me safe without me even having knowledge of it. The morning I just couldn't seem to leave on time, did God save me from an accident? Has harm been in my path only to be thwarted by a loving God? I know the answer must be yes.
We thank God for the blessings we can see, but maybe we should also make it a habit to thank Him for blessings that aren't as apparent.
I'm trying to remember to thank God for keeping me safe and protected. I'm thanking Him for being on guard by never sleeping or slumbering so that I can.

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Susan said...

so so so true! Thanks for this today, my friend:) Praying blessings for you today!