Thursday, July 27, 2017

Teachable Moments

Often as parents and teachers we are encouraged to take advantage of teachable moments. Of course we have all taught different concepts in the classroom or when they come to mind. But instruction can be more meaningful in context.

Let me give you an example. When my daughter began learning about money and the concept of making change, we would do the workbook pages or use play money. But the more meaningful way was to learn in context. She would accompany me to the grocery store, and I would ask her to calculate the change I would receive. Or I might ask her to tell me which brand of a food was a better buy and by how much. We would also do this when we went to a restaurant. She learned to make change and learn about money in a real situation.

But I didn't restrict these teachable moments to academics and life skills only. As a Christian parent I saw the need to use teachable moments to instruct about faith and the things of God. There was also an aspect of studying my daughter's bent and discovering her gifts and abilities, so I could encourage those.

Have you used teachable moments? Is there a particular one that comes to mind you might share?

Do you find teachable moments an effective way to instruct?

Tomorrow we will continue to consider this topic about teachable moments more pointedly in regards to our Christian legacy.

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