Friday, July 28, 2017

More on Teachable Moments

What kinds of lessons concerning the things of God could become teachable moments?

Since I homeschooled my daughter, I had the opportunity to see her growth in many areas. None was more pleasing than in her spiritual maturity.

Prayer time became a teachable moment. Her father and I tried to make sure we modeled prayer for her. And we instructed her. When she would pray, we would encourage her to make it a conversation, not just rote recitations.

Although difficult sometimes to do, one teachable moment to take advantage of is when I would make a mistake or lose my temper. I modeled asking for forgiveness and even discussed with my daughter how I might avoid that situation in the future.

There are teachable moments that occur when we are with other persons as well. When facing trying times, we teach through our attitudes, words, and actions.

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she taught others through her faith. She emphasized prayer to bring her through, which instructed others in the importance of prayer. She also displayed an attitude of trust in God, knowing He was in control. Her motto was that of Paul: "To live is Christ, to die is gain." She won either way.

We can learn many lessons through teachable moments, those moments when the instruction is the most meaningful and timely.

To pass on a Godly heritage, we should take advantage of our teachable moments and focus on the meaningful instructions of God.

What have you taught through a teachable moment?

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