Monday, July 24, 2017

How to Convey Non-Negotiable Truths

Now I study my list and brainstorm ways to convey these truths.

Here's my list of non-negotiable truths:

I want others to know there is one God, Who sent His Son, Jesus, to die for every person who believes and accepts.

I want others to come to salvation through Christ.

I want others to accept and stand on the Bible as truth and God's words and instruction.

I want others to realize God has a plan for them and has gifted them.

I want others to understand that they are filled with the Spirit, Who guides and teaches them through the Word.

How can I convey these truths to those around me?

Church attendance
Take advantage of teachable moments
Stay firm and consistent
Be an example - Model it
Celebrate God "things"

Start to brainstorm your list.

Tomorrow I will take each practical action and discuss it for a couple of days, matching the actions up with my truths.

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