Thursday, July 20, 2017

How Do I Make It Practical?

This is the question I asked myself. I understand the need to pass along a Godly legacy, but I need practical ways to accomplish it.

I asked myself: Where do I start? I realized that I needed to know what it was that I wanted to pass along. What are my non-negotiable truths?

Here's what I came up with:

I want others to know there is one God, Who sent His Son, Jesus, to die for every person who believes and accepts.

I want others to come to salvation through Christ.

I want others to accept and stand on the Bible as truth and God's words and instruction.

I want others to realize God has a plan for them and has gifted them.

I want others to understand that they are filled with the Spirit, Who guides and teaches them through the Word.

By knowing these non-negotiable truths, I can now come up with practical ways to pass this along.

Have you ever considered the truths you want to pass along to your children and those you have influence over? Consider this and return tomorrow, ready to list your non-negotiable truths.

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