Friday, August 31, 2012

Pretty, huh? Looks like a nice beachy area to steal away to. This was the view behind my dorm when we went to Haiti. There was actually a place near the water where I read my Bible each day.

However, this picture portrays more of what we saw. Not quite as pretty.

When I arrived back in the States, many asked me if the destruction from the earthquake had been cleaned up. I'm sorry to say that the piles of rubble like you see above are all over. The people walk around and over them. I'm sure it is better than it was right after the earthquake.

As we drove through, I noticed abandoned homes. I was unsure if they were left due to being structurally unsafe. I wondered if maybe squatters had come in and taken up residence in some of them because even with the rubble, theses homes were a step up for some. I asked one of the missionaries with us. She at first looked confused. Then she said: "The Haitian people have too much integrity to just go in and claim something that isn't theirs. It's the same with their animals that roam about free. Just because your neighbor's cow wanders over into your yard doesn't mean you have any right to it."

I thought about that. Do we Americans have that kind of integrity? If our neighbor's tree falls into our yard, we threaten to sue if they don't get it out. If an animal strays onto our property, we call the pound to come pick it up even if we know that it belongs to our neighbor.

I guess I noticed that the Haitian people are true neighbors or should I say neighborly.

Neighborly means befitting congenial neighbors, friendly, companionable, comradely, warmhearted.

I believe I remember Jesus saying we should love our neighbor.

Though the Haitian people have little, I think they are ahead of us in being neighborly.

Try loving that neighbor today. Show them God's love by being neighborly.

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