Monday, August 13, 2012


In June I had the opportunity to go to Haiti on a mission trip. Our group did physical labor during the day to prepare a camp for Haitian children to attend later on in the summer. We also went two afternoons and conducted a Bible school for 100 Haitian kids at a time. We were “fed” as well each evening through a worship service in an open sided pavilion.

Each night before the pastor got up to speak, a group of Haitian people sang for us.

Many of the groups who sang for us walked two or more hours just to come and sing about Jesus. They weren’t paid to do so. And, you must know that the temperature in Haiti is scorching to say the least. But, still they came and sang their hearts out. I don’t know the language, but I understood from their expressions that they loved the Lord.

The groups’ dedication got me to thinking. Would I go that far to share about Christ? Would I walk two hours to sing about God’s love and hope? Sure, I had packed up and gotten on a plane to go to Haiti, but how far would I go to truly share Jesus?  

The Bible tells us to always be prepared to give an answer if someone asks about the hope in us.

How about that depressed waitress serving you today? How about that lost neighbor? How about that coworker who gets on your last nerve?

We as Christians have to be willing to go as far as it takes to reach people for Christ even if it’s unpleasant and takes time.

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