Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacations are always way too short!

Last week my family and I enjoyed a week at the beach. On Friday, as I packed to leave the next morning, I told my husband that vacations go so fast. My theory is that our vacation week is on a faster moving time than our work week. I told him if we were back at home, I just knew we would have only made it through Tuesday or Wednesday.

But, we go away to disconnect for awhile and recharge so we can come back and be more productive. At least that's the way I've always thought about vacation.

I guess Jesus had similar ideas about getting away. He would slip away for some alone time and prayer time. He even advised His disciples to do the same. But, I never read in the Bible about Him complaining about returning to His work. Ouch!

Okay, Lord, help me to return to the work you have for me without whining. Help me to use my recharged spirit and body to do what You have in store. That can be just as much of an adventure as a trip away to the beach maybe even more!

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