Thursday, August 23, 2012

"One of the things that happens when you give yourself permission to start writing is that you start thinking like a writer. You start seeing everything as material." Anne Lamott

This quote stuck out to me, and I whole-heartedly agree. Now that I write, I think like a writer all of the time. Everything is fair game for material.

My novella, THE BLESSING SEER, came to be after contemplating a sermon illustration.

The sequel to THE BLESSING SEER, BE THE BLESSING, came about while listening to a sermon.

I'm seeing a trend here! LOL

My novel, INHERITANCE IN THE WORD, came from contemplating the influence of grandmothers on our lives.

My novel, FOR OUR GOOD, came from the downfall of a church member.

My novella, FORGIVEN, came from a newspaper article written about a shoot-out in 1903 involving my father's grandfather, father, and uncles.

As an author, things I hear and see become possible story starters and ideas. I might see something on the news that sparks my imagination. A picture can conjure stories or even bits of conversation or historical facts. From these tidbits I start to brainstorm and ask the what if questions. I think this makes my writing more real and relevant.

How about my author friends out there? Do you agree with the quote above? Why or why not? Has everything become material for your writing?

How about my reader friends out there - do you like to know where authors' ideas come from? Does this enhance the reading of a story for you?

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