Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are you grateful?

Last week I gave a devotion based on a chapter from a Max Lucado book, EVERY DAY DESERVES A CHANCE.

The chapter discussed being grateful. Max presented the story of the ten lepers. Do you remember this story from the Bible? There were ten lepers that called out to Jesus. He told them to go show themselves to the priest. As they were going, they were healed, completely cleansed. One of the former lepers returns to thank Jesus for healing him. Jesus actually draws attention to the fact that this one came to thank him. He asks where the others were.

Jesus was so good at utilizing teachable moments. I believe this was one of those times. Instead of just turning to the man and saying you're welcome, He points out the fact that this man was grateful enough to return. Could it be that Jesus was trying to teach us that God recognizes when we thank Him?

This former leper had a choice to show his thanks or just go along with the rest of the crowd. He made a choice to show gratefulness.

How about you? Do you show your gratefulness for what God does for you each and every day? This is a choice. You can grumble and complain that things aren't the way you want. Or, you can choose to focus on what is good and noble (hmm, I think that's from the Bible) and be grateful.

Practicing gratefulness can change your whole disposition. Don't follow the grumbling crowd who takes things for granted. Do what your Mama taught you - remember what she'd say? "Say thank you." And then we repeat: "Thank you, God!" (Say it like you mean it!)

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