Sunday, March 11, 2012

Writing a story set in 1900 has required some research. However, because this novella is set in a specific city, I've had to dig up more than could be found on the internet.
On Friday, my mother and I checked out an historical section of a museum downtown to find some information for my book. We were able to flip through a town directory from the early 1900's. The directory had sections which included what business establishments occupied specific areas on a certain street. I was able to find restaurants, boarding rooms, department stores, and even barbers. I am so excited to be able to include such accurate information into the setting of my book. I also flipped through books containing photographs of the streets of the town.
This experience brought my story to life in my mind even more which I hope will translate onto the page and be passed on to the reader. Since this fictional story is based on a true event from my family's past, I felt a stronger connection to them and what their lives were like.
Do your ancestors have an intriguing event that could spark a good story? Be an explorer. You never know what you might learn in the process.

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