Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Crossroad

We are all homeless
Standing with our signs
Wondering which way to go
Lost at the crossroads of life.

A wish burns deep within me
For a fountain, clear and cold
But one small drink of water
Does not quench a thirst so bold.

To eat should delight my stagnant tongue
But there is no rescue for this delirious ache
Whether a crumb or a banquet spread for me
It’s not enough a fill to make.

A shadow of sorrow fills my soul
Suffering tears at my weak heart
To transcend would be a sweet release
But I cry as life’s venom makes hope and me far apart.

Needless crimes committed against others
In a spacious closet locked away
No act of forgetting will enter my hiding place
So no humble forgiveness from my lips will I say.

Where then do I go from here?
Are there choices yet to make?
Yearning for answers I strain to listen
As at the crossroads I struggle with which road to take.

Suddenly, I notice on the rough and rocky road
There is another with a sign
He’s fixed upon a crossroad of wood
And at the junction tender eyes I find.

He is Jesus, Son of God, there to behold
Who came to earth as a babe in a stall
Lived a human life as our model
Then was crucified for all.

He alone is truth and life
And the healer of all pain
He quenches and fills us with love
And tests us until He comes again.

So when you’re at the crossroads of life
Don’t let thirst and sorrow despair
For Jesus lived and died to prove
That in every situation, He would be there.

by Paula Mowery

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Susan said...

Beautiful, Paula. And...btw...I'm super-excited for you my now PUBLISHED author friend:)