Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Write?
"If God and others are not the reasons you write, you might as well write solely for the general market. That doesn't mean everything you write has to be a sermon or packed with scripture, but your unique worldview should come through." From WRITING FOR THE SOUL by Jerry B. Jenkins
If you're a writer or an aspiring one, this book by Jenkins is worth picking up. I am reading it again. It's packed with truths such as the quote above.
Those writers out there - why do you write? I have to agree with the quote above. If God and others aren't the reasons we write, we're probably writing for the general market.
Why do I write? God has called me to do this as a ministry. To not write would be to ignore the plan God has for me. Is everything I write filled with scripture? No. Is everything I write preachy? No. But, there is a difference in the theme and focus of my writing as opposed to the general market. Most of my stories tend to show the hope we have in Christ as well as the plan He has for each of us. My stories tend to encourage the Christian in their walk. I also find myself led to include the plan of salvation in some form in the event an unbeliever might read it.
Come to think of it, no matter if you have been called to write or do something else, whatever we do we do for the Lord - this should be apparent. If we're not sharing Him, what are we sharing?

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