Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I prefer reading Christian fiction of all types - romance, Amish, historical, suspense, mystery. I enjoy reading because of what I can learn, where I can be transported, and just for the sheer fun of how the story is put together.
As a writer, I strive to write in such a way that the reader will experience similiar enjoyment. Nothing thrills me more than to have someone comment on how much they loved my story. Even more, I love to hear that the Christian message in my story touched him/her.
Having been an English teacher, I felt the school year was a success if I was able to turn the kids on to reading. Instilling a love of reading not only improves their reading comprehension now but normally makes for a life-long learner.
One of my dreams would be that a book I write might cause the reader to decide that reading is one of his/her favorite things to do.
Bonnie Neubauer, in her book, THE WRITE BRAIN, says: "Everything you read was created by a writer. You, too, have the talent and commitment to bring this joy to others. Keep writing and you will give more folks more reasons to love reading."

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