Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Wake up or you'll get us all killed!"
Last weekend I attended a Bible conference hosting a guest speaker, Dr. Bobby Welch. I will admit to you that I should have worn steel-toed shoes because he stomped all over me with his message.
Dr. Welch was in the military. He led a group that would be dropped behind enemy lines. At night they would form a circle (perimeter). Two men would occupy a hole. One man would sleep and the other would keep watch. One night, Dr. Welch crawled around the perimeter checking on his men. He approached one hole to find both men asleep. He proceeded to wake the man who was supposed to be keeping watch and explain that he would be back around. When he returned, the man had better be awake.
The meaning for the Christian is clear. We go through life with such apathy towards what we are supposed to be about. We tend to forget that our family, friends, and coworkers who don't know Christ are headed to hell. We must wake up or we're going to get us all killed. We have to be more intent on telling the Gospel. People are facing eternity separated from God. But, we Christians have the answer.
Let's not hide in the hole snoozing. Let's share salvation through Christ which was our marching orders in the Great Commission.

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Susan said...

You just shared my heart! AMEN!!!