Monday, March 26, 2012

A simple flower is talking to a nearby bloom:
"You know, I'm not real excited about this new neighborhood. I believe I chose the wrong garden class. I mean, did you see that neighbor, Rosie? How does she get those lovely petals? Maybe I need to check her organic diet. That might perk my bloom. Well, now, tell me the truth, do these leaves make me look fat? I guess is I had her upbringing, her angle on the sunlight, and rain showers, I would look like that too."
Silly, right? But, if flowers were like us, that's what they would act like. Admit it. We should be more like the flowers. I didn't come up with this concept. Check out Matthew 6:25-34. This scripture tells us not to worry about what we eat or drink or wear. We are to look at the lilies of the field as an example. They don't worry about anything. We are to follow this example and trust that God will take care of us if we seek Him and His kingdom.
Flowers don't have a rosy life. They have to endure storms, winds, drought, and lots more. Sometimes they are tattered or wilted. We have the same experience. We have to endure storms in our lives and sometimes we get a little battered, but in the hands of the Master Gardener, we are tended. By fully trusting Him, we can banish worry and bloom more brilliantly in the light of His love and care.
As you notice the spring flowers, think about this object lesson from God.

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Brooksie said...

Awww! How sweet and how true. My favorite flower is a daisy: simple elegance.