Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Who is this Godly legacy for?

Unfortunately, we have an enemy who would like nothing better than for us to become lazy about this legacy transmission. Satan doesn't want us to pass along our Christian legacy to the next generation.

One of this enemy's greatest weapons is apathy or a feeling of we're all right. We may feel we do enough for our children to catch this legacy. If we take our children to church, that should be enough. We may even feel that much of this spiritual legacy transmission is the responsibility of the pastor or the children's minister or Sunday school teacher.

Our enemy will even go so far as to give us the false notion that we can let our children make their own way, find their own religion, or choose God if they decide to.

But as I have contemplated this and studied God's Word, I realize I can't leave the fate of my children or anyone else to chance or to our enemy. This sounds heavy and very serious. However, that is exactly the way this topic should make me feel. When I speak of a Godly legacy, I'm speaking of eternity.

Don't we want to be assured that our loved ones not only know Christ but have a relationship with Him? It's not enough just to know about Christ and be able to answer the Sunday school questions about Him. Jesus said that He is the Way, Truth, Life and that no one can come to the Father (to heaven) except through Him.

This legacy is much too important to just fingers-crossed hope that our loved ones will invest in it. When speaking of our eternal destination, I want to do everything I can to make sure my loved ones are there in heaven with me. To achieve this I have to be very intentional.

So who is it that I want to pass this legacy along to? I definitely want to make sure my daughter knows about Christ and eternity gained through Him. But I can't leave out those in my extended family. But wait, what about those friends I love? Oh, and those around me that God says I should witness to?

Everyone I come into contact with has the right and the need to know about this spiritual legacy for I don't want anyone left behind.

Make a list of those you want to pass this Christian legacy to.

As your list grows like mine has, you'll see the need for intentional legacy transmission. We truly are looking at ensuring a Godly legacy to the next generation.

Tomorrow we're going to dive into some scripture in which God is showing His view of this legacy transmission.

Please comment with anything that came to mind while reading this today.

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