Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Legacies Left

As mentioned in the previous post, legacies can be possessions or in the way one has lived or has contributed. Here's some examples of secular legacies.

The King of Rock 'n Roll

Who was that? Yep, Elvis Presley.

The King of Pop

Who was that? You got it, Michael Jackson.

Not hard to think about these legacy leavers and what they contributed.

When my paternal grandmother died, I got her rings, sewing basket, and two pieces of furniture. But I more so remember her sweet, humble manner. She was such a servant.

There was more gained from my maternal grandmother, because I was around her more often. Her joints were wracked with painful arthritis, but she taught perseverance through that ailment. In fact, she modeled it once when I watched her put on panty hose. Oh my! The trick she had to perform just to have on that proper accessory for her Sunday dress. Makes me think when I start to whine I can't do something.

We can gain meaningful morals and values from those around us.

What kind of things pop into your head? Did you gain some kind of precious possession from a relative? Have you gained some kind of moral or value from someone in your life?

Tomorrow we will zoom in on Christian legacy leaving. But until then, share some of your answers to the above questions. Please, join the discussion.

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