Monday, June 26, 2017

Intentional for the Next Generation

On Friday we defined intentional and discussed the need to be intentional about the passing on of a spiritual legacy. But why must we be this intentional?

Today, our children are being distracted and even pulled away from all that supports our Godly heritage. It is not uncommon for sports practice or games or recitals and competitions to occur on Sundays and Wednesdays, taking the place of assembling for worship.

What activities have threatened to pull you and your family away from attending church?

I remember once when my daughter was elementary age, a friend at church asked her to attend a birthday party. But the party would be during the Wednesday night service. That confused me. I wondered why those parents would schedule this to conflict with church attendance. Her father and I said no.

Now many would think that we turned down the birthday party because my husband is a pastor. But that wasn't the reason. We explained to our daughter that by attending church at the regularly scheduled times, we were honoring God.

My daughter might not have realized it at the time, but we were showing her what took precedence in our lives. We were showing priority.

Why do you think many children are rebelling and abandoning their faith?

Honestly, I believe that our children don't see the relevance of our faith in our lives. We allow other priorities and activities to distract us from God.

Now I know one argument I've had with others is that attending church doesn't equal a relationship with God. I'm fully aware that I can worship God anywhere. However, what are we teaching our children when every other activity is more important than meeting with God's people and worshiping God?

We as Christians are to influence the world, but often it has more of an influence on us. And we must face the fact that what we hold dear is what our kids will hold dear.

If we want to raise the next generation of Christians, we must be intentional about transmitting our Christian legacy. This intentional transmission involves proving our priorities are based in God and our relationship with Him, refusing that anything else would seem to be above this goal.

Tomorrow we're going to zero in on who we want to transmit this spiritual legacy to. Subsequent days this week we will look at God's view on legacy transmission through Biblical passages.

We're off to a good start. Are there things that have come to your mind that you might share in the comments. Please share.

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