Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Godly Legacy - Am I Leaving One?

Anyone who has followed me for very long knows that one topic I often gravitate towards is that of a Godly legacy.

I want my family and those I have influence over to carry on the Christian heritage that began long ago in my lineage. But this task can't be accomplished through casual and unfocused transmission. This legacy is too important to just hope others will catch on to it.

No, passing on a Godly legacy takes concentration and being intentional. I don't want to risk feeling nonchalant about such an important task. This legacy involves life and death and eternity. Heavy, I know. But true.

Because I have spent many years studying scripture, focusing upon this topic, I feel the need to share with you what God has taught me, as well as deepen my knowledge.

Soon I will begin a series here entitled: 40 Days to Intentional: Ensuring a Godly Legacy.

I pray you might take this journey with me through scripture study and self analysis to discover how we might be more intentional about guaranteeing that our Christian heritage continues long after us.

I'm hoping to begin on Monday, June 19th.

Please join me and get ready to share in the comments about your legacy. I'm excited to take this journey with you!

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