Monday, December 10, 2012

What can you learn from twenty four-year-olds?

A new "assignment" came my way this past week. God has placed me in a Pre-K classroom as an assistant teacher. I want to share my top ten things I learned from these little ones this week.

10. When a child holds and dances around, get to the nearest restroom ASAP.

9. I don't care if it rains just not at recess time.

8. Bring cheese to go with the"whine."

7. Gluesticks aren't necessarily a cleaner option.

6. The art of "tattling-taling" is acquired early.

5. Bubble and ducktails are good for walking down the hallway - make bubbles with your mouth and put your hands behind your back like a duck's tail.

4. Patting backs at naptime can mean peace.

3. Mrs. Mowery is unaffected by pouty lips and fits - "When you're done, we'll move on."

2. Steadying myself when I arrive is needed - hugs around the knees can catch you off balance.

1. A pocketful of stickers will cause four-year-olds to do just about anything.

What I hope they learned about Mrs. Mowery is I will always return a hug.

My first day God gave me the verse from Colossians 3:23: "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

God has a plan for how He wants to use me in this new position; my job is to stay focused on Him and work as working for Him. That gives work a totally different focus as well as much more meaning in the scheme of things.

What work has God given you? Do you work at it with all your heart? Have you considered no matter the job you can do it for God's glory?


Natalie Walters said...

I believe God has given me the work to write. But fear has been crippling me and the evil one whispering my inadequacies in my ear has caused me to not procrastinate. The thing about writing is you never know if your any good-unless you get published. But before that, and I think maybe after as well, writing leaves the author vulnerable to his/her own insecurities. I have to trust that God has called me to this and while publishing may not be what's in store, the pure act of obedience is what God is looking for. I want to do what God has asked of me and I want to do it with all of my heart and for God's glory.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Oh Paula, this is spectacular! The cheese and "whine" comment made me laugh out loud. LOL! What a brilliant post. Definitely sounds like God is working big time in your life. Love it!