Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today as I sat down to read the passages assigned from my One Year Bible, a simple yet profound verse caught my eye. The words came from Daniel 10.

"Don't be afraid," he said, "for you are very precious to God. Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong!"

Are you in need of hearing this from the Father as much as I am?

This world can be a scary place for believers in Christ. Let's face it, living the life of a Christian isn't as accepted as when I grew up. It was cool to hang out with the youth group and sing in the youth choir. It's what we did. Now everything else pulls at us. We may even find our beliefs ridiculed or be told to keep our religion to ourselves.

Having our Christian voice slowly squelched is frightening. I need to hear God saying to me not to be afraid. Why? Really study the next seven words - for you are very precious to God. Let the thought that you are precious to God enfold you - wrap around you.

To the God of the universe - you are precious. He doesn't want you to walk around in fear. He loves you too much to see you cower in timidity.

Peace! We know the Prince of Peace. Placing our faith in Him means we can have a peace that we cannot understand. Others will wonder why we don't fall apart in adversity.

Be encouraged! God is for us. He is saying: "Don't give up. It's totally worth it."

Be strong! Not only can we do this life with Him encouraging us along the way, but we can draw from His strength. We are weak in comparison to a mighty God. But, the Bible says that in that weakness, He is strong for us and through us.

Praise God for little reminders in unexpected places! Take heart, precious ones, He has overcome the world.

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