Friday, December 14, 2012


For a whole year my pastor/husband challenged our church congregation to be involved in a Quarter-back Club. This had nothing to do with football, however. We saved a quarter each day and brought them at the end of each month. The monies were a start for our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering which goes to fund some 5000 missionaries around the globe.

Now, I'm glad that I can have a part in making sure people in other countries hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many of these missionaries are in places I would never go and speaking in languages I don't know.

But, giving money for missionaries to tell the Good News doesn't exempt me from being on mission myself. As a Christian I have an obligation to share Jesus wherever I go. When I step outside of my house, I'm on the mission field. As I do my job at the Pre-K or stand in line at the Walmart, I'm a missionary.

As amazing as it sounds, when Jesus issued the Great Commission, that was the marching orders. It is God's plan that we Christians be witnesses of our Savior. Those orders in Matthew began with two action words - go and make. Sometimes, Christians like to make that - give and pray.  Don't get me wrong; we should give to support missions and pray for our missionaries. But, we have a responsibility to go and make disciples in our places of influence.

Be open to God's leading in the mission field where He has placed you. You never know the effect of a hug or a kind word aptly spoken - inroads to sharing Jesus.


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