Monday, December 24, 2012

Go and Glow!

The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service was great. It just wouldn't be Christmas to me without it.

This year my daughter and my children's choirs sang a song - Five Little Fingers. They did a fab job. We sang carols and my husband delivered a message reminding us that God's gift to us was the perfect gift - Jesus was just the right size to fit our need for a Savior. Then, we had communion which always makes us remember the true purpose Jesus came. At the end of the service we always light candles and sing Silent Night.

I really enjoy this part of the service. Since I interpret for our deaf members, I am always facing the congregation. I love this vantage point when the candles are lit. My pastor/husband lights a candle from the advent wreath's Christ candle. He then lights the deacons' candles who move down the aisles lighting the people sitting on the ends of the pews. The light is passed down each row.

Why do I enjoy such a simple thing? From where I'm standing, I watch as the light spreads and a glow is cast upon each face as his or her candle is lit. Not only is it a beautiful sight but symbolic.

The world was dark and then God sent His Light - Jesus. Each Christian contains Christ in their heart. We are told to be light in a dark world. We are Christ's representatives.

This means we are to go and glow! We Christians are to take Jesus wherever we go and shine His light for others to see and believe.

I hope you have a truly joy-filled Christmas. But, don't forget to glow!

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