Thursday, December 20, 2012


At Christmas time, people are so much more willing and responsive to hearing about Jesus. Maybe it's because they are in a jolly mood. Or, maybe their defenses are down with the many distractions. Whatever the reason, we Christians should take advantage of this time to witness for the very One we're celebrating this time of year.

I love the story of the little boy asking his mother about salvation. When she told him that Jesus would come to live in his heart, the little boy said: "If He comes to live in my heart, won't He stick out all over the place?"

That should be our goal - to let Jesus stick out all over the place. Be Jesus to those around you - show Him to them. But how? How do we witness for Christ in a world who ties our hands?

Consider these ideas:

Strike up a conversation with that person checking you out at the store. Ask how they are. Ask if you could pray for them about something.

Inform your waitress that you will be praying in a moment. Ask if you might pray for them.

Tip out of mercy.

Hold open a door for someone to go in first at a local business. And smile.

Offer to return a shopping cart for someone in the parking lot.

Start a conversation with the person ahead or behind you in the long line at the mall. Let them know about your church's Christmas services.

Offer to let someone with less items ahead of you in line.

Pay for someone's meal.

Give a single mom a gift card for dinner out.

Wish everyone you meet Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays.

These may seem small and often you never even have to say much of anything. But, this is the way we let Jesus stick out all over us. We don't have to thump anyone over the head with a Bible. We just act as Jesus acted. He was a servant and sought out the needs in others.

How about you, sister and brother in Christ, will you let Jesus stick out all over you this Christmas season?

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