Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter has become almost like Christmas in that we often just take it for granted. We don't truly think during this holy week what actually occurred over two thousand years ago.
Palm Sunday - we know this was Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Look more closely. As Jesus was riding in on the colt, people laid out their cloaks in the roadway. The disciples praised God saying: "Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!" The Pharisees told Jesus to rebuke them, but Jesus told them if they kept silent then the rocks would cry out.
But, in the midst of this celebratory time, Jesus looked out over Jerusalem and wept. These weren't tears of joy and elation. These were sorrowful tears. He knew that the people didn't really recognize Him for who He truly was. They missed it. God was paying a personal visit, and they missed it. Jesus was offering a peace beyond understanding, but they had their own ideas of who they wanted Him to be. Because they didn't recognize Him as the Messiah, He gave the prophecy of their coming destruction.
What about us today? Do we try to make Jesus be who we want Him to be? Is He someone to run to in times of need and trouble only? Do we grieve His heart when we don't recognize His presence?
We want the salvation but not the committment. We'll call Him our Savior, but we don't want Him to be Lord. If we make Him Lord, we'll have to give over control and let Him be leader and boss.
Beloved Christian brothers and sisters - don't miss out on Jesus this Easter season. Knowing all that would happen when He entered Jerusalem, He still went. Why? He loved you too much to not go on - all the way to death. Don't miss it. Some of those tears Jesus shed were for you.


Holly Michael said...

very inspirational

Brooksie said...

Dr. Price preached on this verse Sunday. I don't think I've ever heard many people use the story of Jesus crying for Jerusalem at Easter. And now I've heard it twice in a week. I think he's crying for America now!