Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blessings from my week:

1. My Wednesday night kids remembered the Bible story I told them.

2. I enjoyed an uninterrupted dinner out with my husband and daughter (rare for the pastor's family right now).

3. Received an unexpected offer to design a postcard for my upcoming novella release.

4. Honored to have fellow ACFWers follow my blog.

5. Enjoying connecting with other ACFWers by following the great posts shared on their blogs.

6. Received encouragement from my friend, Brooke, at just the time I needed it - thanks for listening.

7. Honored to be a guest on Jessica Keller's blog. Please check out my post about "They" - those people who seem to have it all together.

Thank You God for the blessings you bring my way to keep me going.


Brooksie said...

Anytime girlfriend

Sherri said...

All I can say to that is "AMEN"!