Thursday, August 29, 2013

What do football and Christian fiction have in common?

The publisher of my book, The Blessing Seer, and my soon to be released title, Be The Blessing, is in a unique contest. If Pelican Book Group receives the most votes, it will win a commercial spot during the Super Bowl. Isn't that cool? An opportunity to advertise Christian fiction - something that could truly have a good influence on the audience. What a great way to spread Christ! 

Please click on the link below and support Christian fiction and a great Christian fiction publisher. The link will take you directly to the page where you can vote. As the release below says, you can vote daily.  

What do football and Christian fiction have in common? Not much, unless we get your help. Pelican Book Group is entered to win a commercial spot. We don't have a team of horses, a cute reptile, a hungry dog or a celebrity spokesman, but we have something better...You! Help PBG & Christian fiction get national exposure during football's Big Game. Vote daily. Pray often! Thank you all.

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