Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Lover's Day

Friday, August 9th, is Book Lover's Day.

This is my kind of day. I can't remember a time that I didn't love books.

My first reads were Little House on the Prairie and Trixie Beldon. Then, I graduated into Christian fiction, mostly romance. Now I've found any number of Christian fiction favs from mysteries to thrillers and even historicals.

All you Christian authors out there just fueled my need to write Christian fiction. I won't deny the sheer delight for this book lover to hold my own published book.

I absolutely love penning and reading about the hope found in Jesus Christ. It is amazing how God has gifted each Christian author with their own voice and style to get out the message He has just for them to proclaim. I'm humbled that He would use me to write His words. I'm thankful for all my fellow Christian writers for allowing God to guide you to minister through your books.

Celebrate Book Lover's Day with me, not just on Friday, but everyday. Pick up a good Christian book and be blessed.

For me, the perfect Book Lover's Day would be for me to lounge in my hammock on my screened-in porch, Diet Dr. Pepper near, and my latest novel in hand.

What about you? Let's have some fun. Post a comment telling what your Book Lover's Day would look like.


Patti Shene said...

Oh, yes, Paula, I'm with you. Actually, I would love to have a declared book lover's week, where we book lovers would have the right to do nothing but read without worrying about housecleaning, cooking, community meetings, etc! I would park on my couch with my Pepsi next to me (should be diet, but I gave up that battle a long time ago)and access to an array of snacks to include Cheetos & peanut M&M's. A meal would be served to me upon my request and there would be no bedtime restriction. If I wanted to stay up all night to read, there would be no expectation to be up the next morning by a certain time.

Ah, well, I can dream, can't I? LOL!

Paula Mowery said...

Patti, that sounds great. I really like the "meals on demand" part as well as the "suspended duty on housecleaning and such" part. Thanks for sharing your "dream."

Brooksie said...

First, i love the picture! Second, I agree with the diet Dr. Pepper, but I would also add chocolate and a gentle rain with a cool breeze. And quietness! A time I could get lost in a book.