Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why I Write, Read, and Seek Christian Fiction

Have you ever had God drop something in your lap you weren't quite expecting? This has happened to me recently. I am now an acquisitions editor for Prism Book Group.

According to my writer-friend, Brooke, I shouldn't be so surprised. She has been telling me for a long time that I have God's editor "stamp" on me. Of course, she has had to endure my tenacious edits on several occasions - bless her.

I think it all comes back to the title of this post. I have a desire to write, read, and now seek Christian fiction. Why?

Several years ago I realized that this Christian life isn't just something I do, but someone I am. That means that I am to be Christ-like in every area of my life. This determination meant that I had to watch what I put into my body as much as what goes out. I'm not talking about diet and food here. I'm talking about what I read and watch.

My pastor/hubby has always said: "Garbage in; garbage out." If I fill my mind with bad language and worldly stuff, that's what will emit from my mouth and actions.

Also, if I'm going to invest several hours of my time reading, I would like to think that I would gain more than just entertainment for my time.

My desire is to write, read, and now acquire Christian fiction that leaves me with a lesson to ponder or encouragement in living my life. I think this is the power of Christian fiction.

When I received reviews for my first published book, THE BLESSING SEER, I was thrilled to see that readers had felt challenged or had their faith boosted through reading it.

Recently, I finished reading a Christian fiction which encouraged trusting God in every situation. I'm still pondering its lessons.

Christian fiction that makes you ponder it long after you turn that last page - that's what I want to acquire, read, and write. Something that makes a difference for Christ.

Check out Prism Book Group here:
You'll find me listed on the Submissions page.
They also have a blog you might want to check out.

Stay tuned to what God is doing in my life. And, stay tuned-in to what God wants for your life. Amen - let it be so.

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Brooksie said...

You are quite the lady and a dear friend. You yourself are something to look up to for Godly living and I'm blessed to have you for a friend.

Awesome insight on the Christian life! Yep, you so have the stamp! LOL love ya girl