Monday, June 17, 2013

Not Ashamed of the Gospel

As Christians in the U.S. we tend to not have to stand up for our faith quite as much as we think we do. Yes, there is a degree of persecution from those around us who try to drown out our voice. Though, often we don't voice our convictions about what we believe. We shy away from telling people about Christ.

I had a reminder last Wed. night at church about what other Christians around our world go through. It shamed me. My hubby shared a video clip with those of us in Prayer Meeting.

Take a look. Click on the Testimony below.


As a Christian living in a free country, I take for granted the freedoms I have. I can go to church without worry of being arrested. I can tell others about Christ without facing a gun to my head. The question is: Do I share Christ?

I have to admit - I don't share Him as much as I should or even could.

After viewing this video, I asked myself: Could I proclaim Jesus with a gun to my head? I want to say I would, but I have never faced such an extreme situation. I pray we never have to experience this kind of persecution here. But, I do pray that God would make me bolder and grow my faith so I can say Jesus is more real than anything I will face.

Remember my brothers and sisters in Christ, we are the light for this dark world. Shine your light proudly!

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