Friday, January 25, 2013

Sanctity of Human Life

This past Sunday, our church showed a video to promote giving to our church association's pregnancy center. The video was a sonogram which showed a baby's beating heart just a short time after conception. It also showed other pictures of the baby inside the womb.

Our pregnancy center, with the churches' help, purchased an ultrasound machine just a few years ago. By showing young women the living child inside of them, many babies' lives have been saved.

As we observed this Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, I decided to look up exactly what sanctity meant. Here's what I found: Merriam Webster states that sanctity means holiness of life and character, godliness, sacredness. Sacred means set apart for the service or worship of deity.

Don't these definitions go right along with what we read in the Bible when we're told that God created our innermost being? He knit us together in our mothers' wombs.

I still have the video and the picture copies of my daughter's ultrasounds. I remember seeing that little heartbeat and the fascination of my husband as he watched it pulse. But, it took a long time to get to that point for me. I had infertility issues and wondered if I would ever conceive.

I remember praying in a most bitter tone to God asking why He would give me a love for children but grant me none. I watched as young girls accidentally became pregnant and asked why. Why would He grant those babies when I was prepared to truly love and support a baby. Those women called their babies "unwanted pregnancies."

Yes, I was rather bitter and depressed. When God finally granted me a baby girl, I was thankful.

Fast forward about 18 years - a year and a half ago I was asked by the director of our Pregnancy Crisis Center to come to the Thursday night classes to bring a devotion/Bible study. I prayed and questioned God. Did He really want me to go and stand in front of the women I had been so angry with years earlier? Could I bring anything to them of worth? Would they listen to me?

I went that first night armed with the devotion God had laid on my heart, and I came away changed. Each of the women had their own story. And, each of them deserved to hear of God's love for them and to be shown His love through me. I couldn't look into their needy faces and remain angry or judgmental.

So, do I believe in the sanctity of human life? Yes siree! Every child has the right to be born and allow God to mold him or her into what He has planned. And, everyone deserves God's love and mercy. I have no right to judge lest I be judged.

Every second and forth Thursday I still trek to the pregnancy center and share the devotion God puts on my heart. We've seen salvations. We've seen girls finish their education. We've seen lives changed and encouraged. I'm humbled and honored to stand before these brave girls every other Thursday. And, I'm thankful to share in the ooh's and aah's when we meet the little ones.

To God be the glory, great things He continues to do!

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