Monday, February 3, 2014


Yes, you read that right. My hubby and I just returned from a marriage retreat. It was the Big Orange Weekend. We learned maxims for a winning marriage inspired by General Neyland and his famous maxims for a winning football team.

Again we couples were reminded that the first and foremost priority for a great marriage is having the right relationship with Christ. Without Christ to guide us in our marriage, it is close to impossible to have that right covenant relationship. You know why? God created marriage in the first place. He knows how it is intended to be done.

You wouldn't ask your plumber to diagnose your illness. Why do we expect to do this covenant marriage without the Master's help?

One quote that stuck out to me was: "Focus on blessing your spouse, not blasting." That could apply in many areas.

We were encouraged to pray together and make time for just the two of us a priority. We were also reminded that we didn't enter a contract when we married; we entered a covenant. A contract states that I will do this and that if you agree to do that and this. A covenant says I'm in this no matter what; I'm bound to you.

There was so much good information shared that I could never go through it all and definitely not as well as our presenters. Just as they shared, all of the maxims they told to us were things we already know but just need a reminder now and then.

I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to get away and focus on my hubby for a couple of days. This October we celebrate 25 years of marriage. I can't wait for the next 25! The adventure he promised me was no lie. I love you bunches!

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Brooksie said...

Wow! Sounds like an awesome retreat. I especially like the blessing and not blasting. So true!