Monday, February 10, 2014

Make a Friend Day

February 11th is Make a Friend Day.

When was the last time you made a new friend? Have you noticed someone who could use a friend? Have you seen someone who seems to act left out? Do you have acquaintances who could become friends?

In our busy lives we so often just pass by people who might be in need of a friend. I mean, we don't have time in our hustle from here to there to stop to chat or inquire about another's well-being, right?

I was curious how friend would be defined so I looked it up. Here's the definition: one attached to another by respect or affection; buddy, comrade, crony, intimate, advocate, supporter, booster.

Am I that kind of friend? Do I have a respect for my friends? Am I their advocate and supporter?

I've often stated that people today don't know how to be true friends. I believe it's because we don't invest the time into another person like we could.

I truly believe that Christ would have us befriend those He brings into our lives. Look at the example that He gives us. He was friendly and helped people wherever He went. But, He did have some close friends - His disciples. Jesus spent time with the disciples and shared intimate moments with them. He was their advocate and supporter. He encouraged them. He even served them.

If we as Christians ever hope to live the Christ-like life we are called to live, we must learn to befriend others. We are to have Christian friends to share this journey and to provide mutual encouragement and prayer support.

How about it? Can you make a friend today? Can you be a friend today to another?

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Brooksie said...

Let me just say that i am blessed to call you my friend. You have helped and been there for me more than you probably realize.