Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Two Words and A New Blog

After racking my brain for the one word to guide me this year, I've had to settle on two. These two words just keep returning to my thoughts, so I will adopt them as my theme for the year.

The first one is balance. I believe this is something I need in various areas of my life - spiritually, time. I will strive to find a balance in all I do this year.

The other word is intentional. I don't want to do any task just to be doing it. Let's face it, if it has no purpose in the Kingdom of God, it's not really worth it anyway. I want my work as an author to be intentional as well as my editing. I want to use my time intentionally. I hope to determine to make all of my efforts about what the Lord would have me to do. So, I will be intentional which is the only way to accomplish this.

BALANCED and INTENTIONAL.  That's my theme for the year.

Now for a new venture, even an adventure. I have started a new blog entitled: Creative Christian Writers' Crank Up - ccwcu for short. Please take a moment to visit this other blog and read the introduction for its purpose. I'm excited about this and would love to have you subscribe through your email to receive each and every creative crank up.

I'll still be right here providing insights that God is teaching me and great Christian literature from some of my author-friends.

Check the new blog here:

Creative Christian Writers' Crank Up

Thank you to all you readers for blessing me this year by reading and commenting.

If you have chosen a word or two to guide you in this new year, share in the comments.

You can read about this concept by looking up the My One Word site. You can also find the site How to Blog a Book to see what inspired me to create the new blog.


Eileen Rife said...

Happy New Year, Paula! And thanks for the reminder to stay balanced and intentional in what God has for me in 2014.

Laurean Brooks said...

"Seeking" and "Waiting" are the words that are guiding me at the moment. Seeking God for the next step in my writing, and waiting for His direction before I make the next move.

I want His will for my life and while I wait I've taken on edits for other authors to help them and to bring in a bit of income.

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks for visiting, Eileen. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you this year, my friend.

Laurean, those are good word choices, too. I have trouble with the waiting, but His timing is always perfect. I pray you'll see His path clearly in your writing this year. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

my words are speak life. Interestingly enough, I was driving home last night and heard a song on the radio with that as the chorus. I hadn't heard the song before and it was like the Lord confirming what came to my mind.


Paula Mowery said...

Speak Life - that sounds like two very worthy words to live up to this year. I pray God will allow you the opportunities to speak life to others.
Thanks for stopping by.

Patti Shene said...

Hi Paula. Congratulations on the new blog! I, too, am embarking on a new blog and have chosen a word for this year, so we have a lot in common! LOL! My word is: FEARLESSNESS In view of all the issues my family and I dealt with this past year, I found myself living in fear too many times. No more, and no more holding back from the things I really want to accomplish!