Saturday, July 6, 2013

Preparing for Next Book Release

The final galley of BE THE BLESSING came for me to check over just last week. Imagine my surprise when I found the paragraph below on one of the front pages.

Praise for The Blessing Seer
 Mowery’s gentle first person story of a woman
 who needs to be heard as much as she hears is one of
 joy in growing and loving God, of living and walking
 without fear, and being faithful to Him who calls us.
 The included Bible study guide will surely be a favorite
 with your group. Using the gifts of the Holy Spirit is a
 favorite subject, and I am delighted to read such a
 lovely story that makes such a thing natural. Whenever
 you need a dose of personal encouragement, bring out
 Paula’s book for a refresher course.

I pray that the message of BE THE BLESSING will be just as encouraging and touch lives for Christ.

Thank You, God, for granting me this story and its sequel.


Susan said...

BEAUTIFUL cover, Paula!!!! So excited for you!

Brooksie said...

One word comes to mind, AWESOME!! Oh-got another too-CONFIRMATION, Put them together and you have an Awesome Confirmation!!!

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks Susan and Brooke. You two have been special encouragers from the beginning of this journey.