Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Have you ever noticed how often in scripture God reminds us to care for the poor? I've found this to be true as I'm making my second trek through the One Year Bible.

Why would God continue to remind us of the unfortunate people around us? Why does He feel compelled to urge us to care for them?

I believe I've had a breakthrough in understanding the frequency of these passages. Humor me a moment as I flesh this out.

I believe that God knew we would need lots of reminders in this area. We become so comfortable in our holy huddles that we develop what my husband calls "holy arrogance." We forget that we are to reach out to everyone, not just people like ourselves.

We are to reach out to the down-and-out - the one who may wear worn clothes with holes and may not smell clean. We begin to think we are too good to reach down and touch someone we feel is below our status. We sit in our church services saying - "They know we're here." Then, when that less fortunate one does show up, we look down our noses and make them feel more shame than welcome. We convey an attitude of: "They could do better if they tried."

It's these attitudes that scream holy arrogance. No wonder God felt the need to remind us to care for the less fortunate.

We must develop a love for all people and be willing to get our hands dirty if we have any hope of reaching a lost world for Christ.

Have you ever noticed that Jesus seemed to always touch and be around those who others shunned?

Let's be like Jesus.

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Brooksie said...

I think two words summons up everything: AMEN SISTER!!!