Monday, October 8, 2012

Do miracles still happen?

In my children's choir there's a fifth grade young lady we'll call Jane. Doctors discovered a suspicious patch of skin on her head. Since skin cancer runs in the family, a biopsy was done. Then, came the wait - suffering through a week until the results returned.

That Wednesday night I told the story from Acts about the church praying for Peter's release from prison. Peter was awakened by an angel and freed from his chains. At first, he didn't believe it was really happening. He wasn't the only doubter. When he knocked on the door of the house church, the people who had been praying for Peter didn't believe it was him. I told the children that when we pray, we should believe something will happen. I also reiterated that we may not get the answer we want or expect from God, but He always answers. His reply might be yes, no, or wait.

Jane's mother reported that the biopsy showed atypical cancer cells, and Jane would require additional surgery. I told her we would pray believing.

Jane went to a specialist who reread the tests. He pronounced Jane cancer-free, saying the tests had been read wrong the first time. Jane's mother had another explanation - we prayed believing and God took care of it. We praise God for hearing our prayers and His answer.

Do miracles still happen? Yes! God still works in our lives. He desires that when we pray to Him, we believe He will act. Will it always be the answer we want? No. But, trust that God knows best.

Pray believing!

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Brooksie said...

Paula, what an awesome blog! I have the problem of believing when I pray. IT's not that I don't think God Can't do it, because he can do all. I think He wont'. Guess I need more faith.