Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween and Spooky Stuff

A little bit of a confession here - I don't much care for Halloween. I definitely don't like being scared. I know some people live to get the thrill of monsters jumping out at them at some scary event or some creepy being stalking them at a haunted house. Not me! I don't like to be frightened.

Halloween and ghosts aren't my only fright dislikes. I don't ride big scary roller coasters or any kind of ride that might make me scream.

Now, I know to you thrill-seekers out there, you are probably calling me a chicken under your breath as you read this. That's okay. I can handle it. But, you still won't convince me to do any of these things that freak me out.

In comparison, the world we're living in these days can be a pretty scary place. As Christians, we do have a creepy foe who is out to kill and destroy. He would like nothing better than for us to fear being made fun of or be afraid to stand on our godly principles. He wants to catch us off-guard so we will do something to hurt the heart of God.

But, good news - God placed 366 "Do not fears" in the Bible. That's one for every day and an extra thrown in for leap year. God knows we're in a battle everyday, but He's with us no matter what. He promises this in the Bible. The God of the universe, Who is already in our tomorrows, is on our side. He Who has overcome the world is our Father.

How wonderful is it that God cares that much for his children? He seeks to alleviate our fears.

You still won't convince me to go to a haunted house or ride a roller coaster. But, I am thankful God is with me through every scary thing I face in life.


Susan said...

HA! I am a HUGE thrill seeker, but don't like to be scared...hmmm...:)

Brooksie said...

I totally agree. I don't do haunted houses or roller coasters either. Turning the news on is scary enough for me.